Running Club Life
21st February 2024
A BIG update is on the way

Over the past week we have begun the update of the race and athletics meetings features in the connectMyClub app and club portal to bring them together as one.

Some clubs add race e.g. London Marathon to their club calendar / team events. This is not the correct place for races. There is a race listing feature available in the connectMyClub app where users (your club members) can create a list of races that they are participating in. After the race they can then add a finish time and position. This then calculates whether the time over the race distance is a PB or Season's best time. The data in this feature populates the club newsletter. The post race data is available for clubs to use, maybe to calculate handicap times for a summer handicap series, or to see which members have performed best over the year to help work out most improved for awards night.

We are working on an app update to better help the user to keep their race records. Coming soon !!

How do we add races ?

An app user can add the details of a race, if they don't find the race after a search in their connectMyClub app. Here at connectMyClub we then add any missing and correct any incorrect details entered by the user. The race is then approved and available to any connectMyClub user to add to their upcoming races. Clubs can now add race details, if the race is not yet in the race database in Organise > Races on your club portal. There are a few housekeeping rules to follow.

  • Check that the race isn't already in the race database (there a list available to scroll through when adding a race)
  • If an event has multiple race distance each distance needs to be added as a separate race
  • Don't add the year tot the race title. e.g. London Marathon 2024 is incorrect, just London Marathon will do.

If you club puts on it own race e.g. a race open to the public or a summer handicap series for the club, these are added using the same feature but using a different option.

What about athletics ? 

This is a part of the big update. A couple of days ago we restructured the athletics meets and races database tables. For some reason, when we created them six years ago, the structures were different, obviously we had reasons !!!!! They are now structured the same so we can now offer the same features to athletics clubs as we do to running and triathlon clubs. Watch this space.