Running Club Life
30th October 2022
A few important updates

We have just uploaded an app update (1.4.7) with a tweak to the membership form, qualifications, club documents, and club competitions sections. 

Membership Form

As previously mentioned we have had a few new clubs on board recently. We felt the membership form needed to evolved accordingly to suit. The membership form no longer requires membership categories or payment options. This way the form can be used to get club members to update their details e.g. ICE & contact, without needing to pay for their memberships, assuming your club uses a different option for members to pay their subs.  Obviously you can still set membership categories with the relevant fee and take payment using your Stripe account through the app. 

We have removed the PayPal option from the payment method options. We felt this could be confusing as connectMyClub has never integrated PayPal and this was only an option if the club used PayPal in another way.

Qualifications & Accreditations

Clubs can no longer update members' qualifications through the club portal, however, using the latest app update members can update their qualifications & accreditations along with any expiry date. The qualification will still show on the members profile on the Club Portal.

Club Documents & Competitions 

Both of these features can now be filed in  to 'folders' If you have a lot of club documents stored in connectMyClub or show a lot of Club Competition tables you may want to file the documents or competitions in to folders to reduce the length of the list in the app. If a folder exists the documents / competitions will be shown in an "accordion" (collapsible) list.

We hope these updates will prove useful.