Running Club Life
8th March 2024
A little story about training - Update news

At our club's training session on Wednesday, we had various groups all meeting in one location where the mobile Internet connection was sketchy at best. Some networks just about got a signal some others, not a chance. Training leaders from two groups fell into the latter category so they could not mark people as having arrived using their "Who's attending" list. Luckily, there were a couple of people from the club there who had connectMyClub training admin rights. Their phones were in the "just about picked up Internet connection" category. The 'training register' was able to be completed so the club's records are correct.

The little story above highlights another use for giving some people club admin rights for training or having leader supports designated for training groups.  

What else has been happening?

We've just released app version 2.7.4/5 (.4 on Android .5 on iOS and web) In this update we've had some people test from around the country as there have been some background modifications to the code as well as some new features added.

New & update features

  • Account registration now in-app. This will soon be removed from the connectMyClub website
  • Password reset now in-app. This will soon be removed from the connectMyClub website
  • Club calendar/Team events can now be linked to a shop item. This could be a useful addition if, for instance, your club is hosting an awards evening for which your members need to purchase a ticket. They will see the event on the club calendar and there will be a link directly to the item in the shop, in this case, the ticket for the awards evening.
  • Viewing Training wallet payments now in-app. This will soon be removed from the connectMyClub website
  • Club Code of Conduct agreement added. Your club can use the UKA and/or British Triathlon Code of Conduct then add your club's own section to the top. Club members can then be asked to confirm the Code of Conduct. Your club will then have a record of the members who have and haven't confirmed that they will abide by the club Code of Conduct.
  • PAR Questionnaire added.  Also useful for club members to answer a few questions about their general health and fitness before doing a bit of training. With this new feature, the club will have a record of people's general health.
  • User events, PBs/Season's Bests feature completely rewritten. One really for the app user but the club has access to their members' race finish times, athletics events results, & PBs 

One thing has been tightened up when setting up training. If your club has ICE Required enabled for members to join training groups, then, if a training leader does not have their ICE details saved they will not be able to be added as a group leader until they have added their own ICE details.

As always we hope these updates prove useful.

An update on UKA incident reporting.

Our request for direct uploading of incident reports via the club portal is currently with RoSPA and UKA. We will let you know more as soon as we do.