Running Club Life
9th August 2021
Club Admin - Permissions and a few other updates

Admin Permissions

We had a request to add in extra admin permission for members with club admin rights. E.g. Bob Jones looks after merchandise but we don't need him to have access to the members list and members' personal details. This feature is now in place. If a member has been given admin rights be default they will have access to all club portal pages. Club's can now limit areas of the club portal by turning off admin rights in the member's profile

Club Location

When setting up training session you will have seen the location map. If a club has saved a postcode the training map will centre on the postcode co-ordinates. As we know postcode areas can be quite broad. You can now fine tune your club's main location in the club set up page

Event Reports

Club members can now submit race / event reports for any event which they take part in. Previously the event needed to be in the member's event calendar. Club's can also copy n' paste any reports which they receive via email so they show in the app.