Running Club Life
2nd March 2023
Club Websites

Would your club benefit from a website which ensures all information is up to date and is easy for the committee to manage?

Why not try a website which is powered by connectMyClub ?

Below is a list of club websites which are online right now and are powered by connectMyClub

Each club which has a website powered by connectMyClub started off with a temporary URI which they used to get their site looking just right. When they were happy we, at connectMyClub, helped them to update their current web hosting to show their connectMyClub powered website. Some of the clubs above had lost contact with the person who set up their hosting and original website. Ian helped them gain access back to their website hosting. He then worked with them to move the hosting to the same servers on which connectMyClub uses. So, they now have all of their website information in one easy to manage place.

If this sounds like a website solution which would help your club please get in touch.