Running Club Life
20th June 2022
New connectMyClub app - Update

An update on the new connectMyClub app

We've just begun the beta testing phase for the web version of the all new app. This will run initially for a few weeks internally and with Massey Ferguson Running Club. Following this initial phase we will fix any issues which arise then open up the next phase of testing to all clubs. Once any creases are ironed out during testing we will create the new iOS and Android app. The fully functioning web app will stay online and replace the current member's portal. This means even if a club member doesn't have a mobile device on which to run an iOS or Android app the can have the same app on their computer.

In the meantime we would like to get all app users involved. Please spread the message if you can. We are running a competition on our social media channels @connectmyclub and Facebook where your members can submit a photo to be used on the new login screen. The image shown on the current web app login a screen was kindly submitted by a member of Paul Popham Running Club

We will keep you updated with any further developments.