Running Club Life
16th September 2022
The connectMyClub app is now live

The connectMyClub app is now live on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. The new app replaces the My Running Club and My Tri Club apps. We will leave the both old apps on the app stores for a little while yet. Your members can continue to use their current club app for the time being. They will see a prompt whenever they use their My Running Club or My Tri Club app to invite them to install and use the connectMyClub app.

As you are aware we have been running the new app as a beta version for a while now. Many bugs have been fixed and improvements made, but as always with app development there are bound to be improvements which can still be made. If there is anything which you or your club members think could improve the app please let us know and we'll look at any suggestions.

If any of your members do not have a suitable mobile device on which to run the new app there is also a near fully functioning web version at

If you have any reference to the My Running Club or My Tri Club app on your website or in club documentation please could you change these references from the old apps and now reference the connectMyClub app. Here are the links to the app on Google Play and on the Apple App Store

Thank you for all help in the beta testing period.