Running Club Life
22nd March 2024
This week's updates 2

This week we've been working on improving a couple of features of the connectMyClub app and club admin portal.

What's happening in the app?

In the coming app update, there's a pretty big update to the Training Leaders Incident Report feature. We've brought the feature in line with UKA's and RoSPA's online incident report forms and added the ability for photos to be added to incident/accident reports. This should make record keeping of any training accidents/incidents at your club even easier.

Training Wallets

Although having money in members' training wallets means money in the bank, earning interest for the club there may be a need to limit the amount any individual club member can carry in their training wallet at any one time. You can now set a wallet balance maximum Organise > Training > Wallets

As always we hope these updates help you to run your club even more smoothly.