Running Club Life
30th July 2021
Updated Features

From app version 4.1.49 clubs can show an interactive map of training session locations. The Training Map button can be toggled on or off by each club via the app setup tab of the club training page

Clubs can now set the location of a training session using the new map feature in the training session setup section. The location of the session can then be used to populate all training groups within the session. Training group locations can still be set at the group level should they differ or be changed by the groups leader.

If the Training Map is turned on a marker of each training session location will be shown on the Training Map in the app. When a marker is tapped the corresponding training session will scroll into view in the training section.

This feature is more likely to be useful if your club has training sessions spread over a large geographical area. 

What else is new?

We have added a new Message Board admin feature. In the unlikely event that someone at the club uses abusive language in a message board post the post can be deleted at club level.

We have added a similar feature for training group messages. This feature can be accessed the same way as editing a group's details.

We hope each club can make use of these features. If you do use them and think of a way in which they could be improved please do let us know.