Frequently Asked Questions
Who does connectMyClub work for?
We aim connectMyClub towards running, athletics, and triathlon clubs. There are other club organisation apps out there but we didn't feel anything on the market seemed to fit our type of clubs.
What does connectMyClub cost?
We only charge clubs which use connectMyClub the equivalent of £1 per club member per year, charged annually. You can tailor your membership throughout the year by adding to it on a prorated basis as you need to.
What happens if our club members do not have a device to run the mobile app?
We understand that not everybody will have a mobile device so we have a web version of the app at
What if we need help and support?
All of the connectMyClub club portal pages and the My Running Club & My Tri Club apps have help sections, however, you can also get in touch. We're only too happy to guide you along the way.