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Membersship Renewals Icon Membership Renewals

With connectMyClub, membership renewals have become a whole lot easier. Clubs can setup their own tailored membership form which allows their members to update and confirm their details from their mobile App. A pdf membership form can also be generated.

Email Icon Emails & Newsletters

Keeping in touch with your club's members, ensuring everyone is up to date with everything which has been going on, training session details, and social events can be a chore. connectMyClub generates your newsletter content automatically and sends it out for you while also dealing with opt-ins and opt-outs, so no more GDPR worries.

Calendar Icon Calendar

Make sure everyone knows when your important club dates are and where your events are taking place by creating your club calendar from your connectMyClub admin dashboard or by linking to your existing club Google calendar. Your members can add the event directly to their own device calendar.

DM Icon Direct Messaging

Allow your members to keep in touch with each other without the GDPR risks of sharing data and without everyone being 'friends' on a social media platform.

Information Icon Club Information

Keep all of your club's important information and doccuments in one easily accessible place.

Event Reports Icon Event Reports

Do your your club members like to read event reports written by other club members about their experiences and achievements? With our Apps club members can write their reports on their mobile devices and then submit them to the club when they're ready.

Message Board Icon Message Board

One of our most popular features, from planning lift sharing to races, organising an informal training run, or maybe seeing who would like to transfer a race place, club members can quickly and easily get the message out there.

Announcements Icon Announcements

Need to get an urgent message out to members? Maybe a last minute reminder about an event or to let members know of change of venue for training, or a cancellation of a race. You can push out a message instantly through the from connectMyClub to your members mobile Apps.

Club Competitions Icon Club Competitions

Upload club race results, schedules, and league table spreadsheets which are instantly available to view in your club App.

Members Management Icon Member Management

A suite of management tools help manage your members.

  • Assign members by gender, age category
  • Record session leader qualifications
  • Assign members to your committee and label their position within the club
  • Plus many more features
Training Icon Training Management

Training management takes the hassle out of organising club training nights. Here's just a few of the ways it helps:

  • Training organiser assigns run leaders to sessions
  • Training leaders can enter their meeting location and details
  • Club members sign up with one tap "I'm in"
  • Members can see who else is joining that session
  • Leaders can view ICE details of all who have signed up should the unexpected happen
Survey Icon Survey System

Whether you are running "a member of the year" vote or just looking for feedback on a new running top design, the votes and polls feature is great for getting responses from members.

Volunteering Icon Volunteering

Organising members to volunteer to allow club events to go ahead is always a challenge, our Apps help take the strain. Members can check out which events volunteers are needed for and sign up at a tap of a button.