Offers & Discounts
Who is eligible to place offers in the connectMyClub app and club newsletters?
If you are involved in the running, athletics, or triathlon community and offer services like physiotherapy, bike maintenance, or run a sports shop, consider promoting your business to a targeted audience by featuring an offer in the connectMyClub app.
How does the process work?
To add offers, you need to create a connectMyClub account for your business. Within your company's portal, you can set up an offer.
Offer placement operates on a credit system. A package of 50 credits is priced at £40, with each offer lasting three months.
You can choose the UK regions where you want your offer to appear. The offer's cost is based on the percentage of connectMyClub club members in your selected regions. Local offers typically require 20 credits, while UK-wide offers need 40 credits.
Every offer is valid for three months.
How do we sign up?
Simply Contact Us, and we will set up an account for you to start placing your first exciting offer.