Running Club Life
26th September 2021
Virtual Training Wallets

We've just uploaded an app update for review with a new Training Wallet feature. This feature will enable club members to add money to a virtual wallet to pay for training sessions.

Rather than needing to enter credit card details for each and every paid training session club members will be able to add money to their virtual wallet. When they want to participate in a paid training session the cost will be deducted from their virtual wallet.

With members only needing to add funds if they want to or when the funds in their wallet are low this will save the club money as transaction fees are only deducted when the wallet is topped up and not each and every time a session is paid for.

11th September 2021
Covid-19 Statement and Features

Now that most government Covid-19 guidelines have been relaxed or lifted and clubs are beginning to turn off the Covid-19 features we felt it time to simplify the Covid-19 training statement which club members confirm before joining a training group. 

The Covid-19 statement will now read "I will not attend this group if at the time of the training session I cannot adhere to the latest government or my club's Covid-19 guidelines.

Attendance records (Track & Trace) will still be available to all clubs whether the Covid-19 features have been disabled or not.

20th August 2021
This week's updates

We had a few update requests in this week which we've now incorporated into club portals. One of which was for the ability to create bundles in the club shop. 

Club Shop - Bundles

Bundles can now be created in the club's shop. A bundle may consist of a club beanie hat, vest, and a mug. These items may normally cost £35, if purchased individually, with a bundle you can set the cost as £30 when purchased together. Hopefully another way to swell the club coffers whilst giving club members a bit of a discount.

13th August 2021
///what3words address for all races

We have now complete the task of updating all races in our race database with their own ///what3words address. You can use the My Running Club or My Tri Club app to find your way to the start of Kenilworth Half Marathon ///brick.other.epic or Brighton Marathon ///haven.hooks.joins

12th August 2021
///what3words partnership
Following connectMyClub's partnership with ///what3words we have been adding more ///what3words features to the club app and portal.

Training Sessions

When setting up training sessions and groups, ///what3words addresses are automatically generated when setting locations by clicking in the map. This can be particularly useful when a session or group is to meet in a new or out of the way location. Club members will then see the ///what3words button assigned to their training group. Tap the button and the ///what3words app or website will load the exact location. What could be simpler?

Already know the ///what3words location?

If you already know the ///what3words location this can be entered in the ///what3words input box when setting up training. The map will updated and the address verified.

Hosted Races

Does your club put on races which public or other clubs' members can enter? Now you can create these races directly in the connectMyClub race database so that all connectMyClub users can add your club race to their race calendar. When setting up the race be sure to add the race location, using the interactive map, so anyone entering the race will be able to find the race HQ with the auto generated ///what3words address.
9th August 2021
Club Admin - Permissions and a few other updates

Admin Permissions

We had a request to add in extra admin permission for members with club admin rights. E.g. Bob Jones looks after merchandise but we don't need him to have access to the members list and members' personal details. This feature is now in place. If a member has been given admin rights be default they will have access to all club portal pages. Club's can now limit areas of the club portal by turning off admin rights in the member's profile

Club Location

When setting up training session you will have seen the location map. If a club has saved a postcode the training map will centre on the postcode co-ordinates. As we know postcode areas can be quite broad. You can now fine tune your club's main location in the club set up page

Event Reports

Club members can now submit race / event reports for any event which they take part in. Previously the event needed to be in the member's event calendar. Club's can also copy n' paste any reports which they receive via email so they show in the app.