Running Club Life
13th November 2023
Ready, steady ???

We've just updated the web app and PWA. We've also uploaded app update 2.4.0 to the App Store and to Google Play.

There's one new feature which we've not yet told you about. Your club can now rename the home screen title of Ready, steady... to something that is more pertinent to your club. Be creative, you have a maximum of 15 characters.

To change the home screen title head over to your club portal. Go to Club Details & Setup > App setup At the top of the app mock up you will see Ready, Steady... Change this to your new home screen title then save your layout.

We can't wait to see what you come up with.

4th November 2023
Exciting app update news

We've been hard at work on the next version of the connectMyClub app so that we can expand the customisation options for each club.

In the next app update, which will improve app performance and functionality, each club will be able to tailor the app's sidebar and footer menus to better show the app features which it uses and hide those which it does not currently use. Menu options can be switched on and off at any time in the Club Details & Setup > App Setup section of the club's connectMyClub portal.

The menu options feature on the club portal is live now. Please feel free to check this out to set up your club's sidebar menu ready to see in the upcoming app update.

10th July 2023
Colour Coded Training Groups

App update 2.1.3 has just been uploaded to Apple and Google for approval. The update is available on the web app.

In this update clubs can colour code their individual training groups to help club members to visually differentiate between different the groups within a training session. To add / update a training group's colour login to the club portal then go to Organise > Training > Groups where you can select a colour for each of your club's training groups. You can also now update a group's title as long as the groups has not yet been used within a training session.

19th June 2023
Latest App Update

We've uploaded app version 2.1.0 for approval in the app store and Google Play today. The main thing with this app update is to bring functionality back to those few users who are using iOS 14 - 14.4.x The web app works for these devices as does the app on our iOS 14 emulator.

Another update is the ability for you members to let the club know who are the people they are able to bring along to help with volunteering at your club's events.

We hope this update proves useful for your club and members.

11th April 2023
Club Races

We've been doing a bit of development on club races.

A few clubs may have recently received an email to say their club's race details have been transferred to their club portal. This allows clubs to add further details for the race and, if your club has a website powered by connectMyClub, you no longer need to create a separate page to show off your club race. Adding your club race in Organise > Races automatically creates a webpage for your race. We are also developing a Races page on the connectMyClub website to give club races free advertising. 

This update is something we're putting in place to allow clubs to sell race ticket directly on a website powered by connectMyClub and through the connectMyClub app, rather than using a third party website. We're currently waiting for UKA to update their systems to allow us to develop a UKA URN validation. We'll keep you updated on this proposed new feature.

2nd March 2023
Club Websites

Would your club benefit from a website which ensures all information is up to date and is easy for the committee to manage?

Why not try a website which is powered by connectMyClub ?

Below is a list of club websites which are online right now and are powered by connectMyClub

Each club which has a website powered by connectMyClub started off with a temporary URI which they used to get their site looking just right. When they were happy we, at connectMyClub, helped them to update their current web hosting to show their connectMyClub powered website. Some of the clubs above had lost contact with the person who set up their hosting and original website. Ian helped them gain access back to their website hosting. He then worked with them to move the hosting to the same servers on which connectMyClub uses. So, they now have all of their website information in one easy to manage place.

If this sounds like a website solution which would help your club please get in touch.