Running Club Life
11th April 2023
Club Races

We've been doing a bit of development on club races.

A few clubs may have recently received an email to say their club's race details have been transferred to their club portal. This allows clubs to add further details for the race and, if your club has a website powered by connectMyClub, you no longer need to create a separate page to show off your club race. Adding your club race in Organise > Races automatically creates a webpage for your race. We are also developing a Races page on the connectMyClub website to give club races free advertising. 

This update is something we're putting in place to allow clubs to sell race ticket directly on a website powered by connectMyClub and through the connectMyClub app, rather than using a third party website. We're currently waiting for UKA to update their systems to allow us to develop a UKA URN validation. We'll keep you updated on this proposed new feature.